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News: November 20th 2013

Following our successful legal challenge to York Council’s decision to approve planning permission for a 60,000 tonne Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and greenhouse facility in the Green Belt, Peel have resubmitted their plans for the site.

It is anticipated that City of York Council will make a decision on the application at the Planning Meeting to be held on December 19th, so we are asking Supporters to log on to the Council’s website to view the documents online.

There are several changes to the application and as previously we have all been given very little time to review the mass of new information but in essence our objections to the development remain the same. Here are some of our own observations:

  • There are no “exceptional circumstances” that justify the scale of this development in the Green Belt.
  • All the buildings on site and the plant and machinery should be removed immediately and a suitable alternative use found for the site.
  • Waste will be transported from the M62 corridor and beyond to be processed in York Green Belt.
  • The level of traffic, including 88 HGV’s per day will cause congestion on the A19. We also believe that the new application will allow refuse lorries to drop off their loads directly.
  • The new application claims that there is an “urgent need” for an AD facility but there are many others (including Peel’s own site at Kellingley) that are either already built or are at an advanced stage in the planning system.
  • We believe that the recent addition of a large 8MW fossil fuel gas boiler to heat the greenhouses will mean only a very small amount of low carbon renewable energy will actually be produced.

We would urge you to once again register your objections on City of York Council’s planning website, so that you need to log-in first in order to then make a comment:

  1. Go to http://planningaccess.york.gov.uk/online-applications
  2. Register
  3. Search for – 12/03385/FULM
  4. Make a Comment
  5. Check that your views have been posted to the comments section

Alternatively, you can also write to the Officer at the Council dealing with the application:

Hannah Blackburn
Development Management Officer
Directorate of City Strategy
9 St Leonard’s Place
Telephone: 01904 551 553

We hope that we can continue to count on your support, so that we can finally secure the Green Belt that surrounds the villages around the A19.

North Selby Mine Action Group




Planning Permission Quashed For Peel Power Plant

News: September 19th 2013

Following the decision by City of York Council (CYC) on 25th April to approve planning permission to turn North Selby Mine into a 60,000 tonne Anaerobic Digestion plant together with 11 acres of greenhouses, North Selby Mine Action Group (NSMAG) considered its options following overwhelming public opposition to the plans.

“We were very disappointed that CYC chose to ignore local sentiment entirely in their original determination and so we opted to seek a judicial review of the decision. As a result of this legal review, it became clear that CYC had acted unlawfully in relation to the removal of plant, machinery and buildings at North Selby and ultimately that led them to making an unlawful decision in approving planning permission. Our legal team found that Council Officers had not advised Members correctly, as UK Coal and Peel should have removed everything from the site in order to assess any potential impact on the Green Belt caused by this proposed development.

Consequently NSMAG and others took CYC to the High Court with a view to quashing that decision. On Friday 13th September the original planning decision was formally quashed.” Explained Tim Williams, Chairman of North Selby Mine Action Group. You can also visit the Dove Press website to find out more.

Dove Press

NSMAG will continue to strongly argue the case that Peel’s proposed development is totally inappropriate within the Green Belt and that it does not satisfy the test of ‘special circumstances’. We don’t believe that there are any ‘special circumstances’ why this development should take place at North Selby and so we will continue to fight Peel’s proposals until they abandon them entirely.North Selby Mine Action Group. 


Dear Supporter,

We are bitterly disappointed to have to inform you that City of York Council’s Planning Committee voted to APPROVE the planning application for North Selby on Thursday 25th April by 9-6 votes.

Several members of NSMAG spoke against Peel’s proposals highlighting the impact of the development on traffic, noise and wildlife on local residents and the Green Belt. We questioned Peel’s assertions about jobs and the so called “benefits” to the community, together with demanding answers as to why it was necessary to bring waste from West and East Yorkshire.

Sadly the Committee chose to ignore all those arguments and the overwhelming public opposition to the scheme represented by:

  • 362 objections from the public (i.e. 99% of the total) lodged on the planning portal
  • Formal letters of objection from Julian Sturdy M.P and Nigel Adams M.P and;
  • Objections from Wheldrake, Escrick, Deighton, Naburn, Osbaldwick, Fulford and Thorganby Parish Councils

We are now considering our options in the light of this decision, as we believe that it is clear what the villages surrounding North Selby wanted Councillors to vote for. Please keep in touch with future developments via our website.

Thank you

North Selby Mine Action Group.