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UK Coal/Peel¹s latest plan for the Green Belt nsm-imagesite is to build a 60,000 tonnes per annum Anaerobic Digestion (AD) power plant and construct 12 acres of horticultural green housing plus offices and warehousing. The proposals state some energy from the AD plant will heat the 12 acres of greenhouse development, where plant propagation will take place. UK Coal and Peel describe this as an “agricultural led development” but in reality this proposal could not be justified without the 2.75MW electricity that they expect to generate and resell through the Government’s generous Feed in Tariffs (paid for by you the tax payer).

Previous Proposed Gasification Plant at North Selby Mine

BNP Paribas acting on behalf of UK Coal, submitted a Scoping Application to City of York Council (CYC) for the proposed re-development of the North Selby Mine complex in June 2010. The aim of the Application was to determine the range of topics to be covered in an Environmental Impact Assessment to be submitted with a planning application.

The proposed development would involve a significant increase in traffic along the A19 (32+ HGV’s and c.250 cars per day) visiting the site to deliver 190,000 tonnes of household, commercial and industrial waste annually, which would then be composted. The intention would then be to create energy from a gasification plant, the electricity from which would then be exported to the national grid. Clearly amongst other things, this will affect air quality and create smells in the immediate vicinity resulting from the composting operation and flue gas emissions.

There would also be a requirement for one or more flue stacks of 51M in height which with the required large new buildings and structures, will have a significant visual impact.

Scoping Application

The details of the original Scoping Application were published on the CYC Planning Portal on June 24th 2010. This then brought the application to the attention of a number of people in the local community.

There are other documents available on this site including a briefing note which our local councillor, Christian Vassie drafted in response to the Scoping Application and which he shared with the Planning Department at CYC in August. In it he outlines the case for rejecting the proposed development and his views on UK Coals’ plans.

Requirement of the Selby Coalfield Planning Permission

When the original planning permission was granted to mine in the area, a condition was imposed in respect of North Selby, Wistow and Stillingfleet mines. This condition stated that once the mine had ceased to function as such, it would be returned to agriculture.

Selby District Council started enforcement proceedings in 2008 against UK Coal to ensure that UK Coal fulfils its obligations in relation to Wistow and Stillingfleet mines. At this stage CYC are still considering what action, if any, they should take in respect of enforcement proceedings at North Selby, however time is running out for such action to be taken by CYC.

North Selby Mine Action Group Believe:

  • City of York Council should commence enforcement proceedings against UK Coal to honour its commitments to return the site to agriculture.
  • Should there be enough support we would propose to instruct a professional planning consultants, who would represent the views of the local community to the relevant authorities.
  • This would necessitate extensive fund raising and seeking financial pledges from individuals willing to contribute to the aims of the Action Group.